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28 Jan 2023 03:00:26 UTC


Audi Activesphere Concept Is Part Pickup, Part Sexy GT

27 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"...the new Audi Activesphere concept is a crossover with a coupe-like body that integrates a bed and a tailgate at the rear.

"Activesphere joins the previous Grandsphere, Skysphere, and Urbansphere concepts...based on Volkswagen Group's PPE platform...features a 100-kwh battery and charging capability at up to 270 kw. According to Audi, charging from 5-80% will take about 25 minutes.

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Is It Getting Easier To Own An Electric Vehicle In DC Region in 2023?

27 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"In the Washington area, EVs and hybrids account for nearly 5 percent of light-duty vehicles...The trend toward cleaner critical to achieving better air quality and the region’s goal of a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

"Looking forward to 2030, we need upward of a third of the fleet in the region - about 1.4 million vehicles - to be battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles...

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You Can Now Buy a Toyota Cargo E-Bike (IF You Live In France)

27 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"Toyota France has agreed a partnership with Douze Cycles to put its name to a new e-cargo bike. The machine will be made by the Dijon-based e-bike firm, but will go on sale in September 2023 in the Japanese firm's 300 French car dealerships.

"Douze Cycles x La mobilité Toyota carries the Japanese firm's's actually a Yamaha unit, which offers 250 Watts and is powered by a 500Wh removable battery."..offers 62 miles range.

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New York City Will Require Uber and Lyft To Go 100 Percent Electric by 2030

27 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"The proposed rule would likely affect an estimated 100,000 vehicles that operate in the five boroughs. And Uber and Lyft have both set the goal of transitioning to an all-electric fleet by 2030.

"Uber and Lyft...sound largely positive toward the new development in New York...getting the millions of people who drive for Uber and Lyft to switch to electric vehicles will be no easy task.

"California adopted new rules in 2021 requiring ridesharing companies to electrify their fleets by 2030."

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Acura Will Sell Electric Cars Strictly Online

27 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"Honda's Acura luxury brand will offer its first electric vehicle (EV) for sale in 2024...will serve as the tip of the spear for digitalization at American Honda, with 100% of Acura EV sales taking place online, starting in 2024.

[Company executives] "...wouldn’t say whether Acura would charge a fixed price for the ZDX..our dealers will still be part of that...But buyers will complete their transactions online.

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Why You Should Ride An E-Bike

26 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"One in 20 people in the UK now owns one, and e-bikes now account for 25% of all new bike purchases.

"This widespread adoption of e-bikes has happened primarily because they've become more practical and affordable. Batteries are getting smaller, motors are more efficient and prices are no longer at their early eye-watering levels.

"E-bikes can help meet the growing demand for more sustainable and efficient forms of urban transportation."

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Ford BlueCruise, GM Super Cruise Rank Highest In Consumer Reports ADA Test

26 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"..the latest Consumer Reports review of 12 [autonomous driving] systems shows significant differences in how well they work... the top two spots...Ford receiving an overall score of 84 for its BlueCruise system...lead[s] the pack. General Motors is second with Super Cruise at 75.

"Notably absent from this group is Tesla...has fallen to seventh with a score of 61 because of low marks for driver monitoring and ambiguity on when the system is

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Batteries Are the Battlefield

26 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"The next geopolitical contest may be over green technology, and China, for now, is poised to win control of those supply chains.

"To power the energy transition in the coming decades, these battery inputs will become even more pivotal...The bulk of these raw materials can be found in a handful of mineral-rich nations.

"The result has rattled policymakers in Washington, where heightened tensions with China have fueled concerns that Beijing could leverage its influence for geopolitical ends..."

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Koji Sato, Incoming Toyota CEO, Must Navigate Shift to Clean Energy

26 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"Sato started his career at Toyota in 1992, before rising through the ranks to become chief engineer of Lexus International in 2016.

"...the 53-year-old oversaw the creation of Lexus's first fully electric model...spoke of the potential of hydrogen last year in Thailand...It won't be an immediate substitution for electric vehicles, but it's good for people to know that there are other options available..."

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US Senator Manchin Doubles Down On Electric Car Subsidies, Despite Europe's Wrath

26 Jan 2023 | Synopsis

"...dubbed the American Vehicle Security Act, would direct the Treasury Department to stop issuing tax credits for EVs that don't comply with the climate law's battery sourcing provisions.

"The new bill faces an uncertain fate on Capitol Hill, where all Republicans voted against the climate law, while Democrats might be wary of tweaking one of their signature achievements."

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The Dubious Math of AEG

Is it really cheaper to drive 100 miles in a gasoline car than electric?

Published: 2023-01-26

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