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Can America's Grid Handle The Rise Of Electric Cars??

"As electric cars continue to grow in popularity, the demand on the USA's aging power grid is steadily rising. But is the existing infrastructure up to the challenge? Or will mass EV adoption result in a second dark age? Fully Charged's Ricky Roy responds.

TIME: 12:21

Giga Castings with Sandy | Evolution of Tesla Bodies In White

Sandy and Cory discuss the evolution of Model 3 and Model Y bodies in white over the last five years, with focus on advantages of giga-press. Sandy points out the massive advancements that have been made and encourages other OEMs to pursue similar efficiency and lean design.

TIME: 17:53

Larger Electric Aircraft Under Development

In this video we will look at some of the larger electric aircraft under development. These include Eviation Alice, Faradair BEHA, ERA by Aura Aero and ES19 and Heart Aerospace.

TIME: 10:53


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