2014 Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Part 1 of annual shareholder meeting, including corporate business, followed by remarks by Elon Musk, the Co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors. Part 2 available by embedded link.

Canadian City Launches Summer 'Stealth Bus' Tests

The Canadian prairie province city of Edmonton began testing a pair of BYD k6 all-electric transit buses in summer operations across the city.

Maiden Test Flight of Solar Impulse 2

Escorted by chase vehicles and a pair of Stromer electric bicycles, the next generation of the Solar Impulse, the 'round-the-world' solar aircraft lifted off into the gray Swiss dawn today in successful maiden test flight.

First Drive: Google Autonomous Car

Google reveals its prototype two-seat, self-driving electric car and offers a wide demographic group of volunteers rides in the car that resembles original Chrysler PeaPod concept car.

Racing the TT Zero Course on the Isle of Man

John McGuinness shows what it's like to race the 2013 TT Zero course on the Isle of Man from a camera mounted on the Mugen Shinden Ni electric superbike. See also TT Zero Superbikes Return to Electrify Dangerous Isle of Man Race Course