What Makes Chevy's Volt Run

Youtube user d55guy dissembles a Chevolet Volt electric hybrid's powertrain, including battery, inverter, and drive motor over the course of these two videos, starting with the lithium battery pack.

VW and Robert Bosch Demonstrate Self-Parking Electric Car

Demonstration of self-driving and self-parking Volkswagen e-Golf that communicates with parking garage, is assigned a free-space and drives by itself, parking in the designated spot. Now just add inductive wireless charging and the loop is complete.

Formula E - Second Day of Public Testing

Interviews with Formula E electric race car drivers during the second day of track testing open to the public at Donington Park in Britain.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert about wireless charging, spaceflight and more in this 9-minute video from the Colbert Report.

Zelectric VW Beetle Conversion

David Bernardo and his classic converted all-electric VW Beetle featured Roads&Rides video.