Formula E - Second Day of Public Testing

Interviews with Formula E electric race car drivers during the second day of track testing open to the public at Donington Park in Britain.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert about wireless charging, spaceflight and more in this 9-minute video from the Colbert Report.

Zelectric VW Beetle Conversion

David Bernardo and his classic converted all-electric VW Beetle featured Roads&Rides video.

Toyota Prius PHEV Sets Nürburgring MPG Lap Record

Driving at an average of 40 mpg or 64 km/h, which is 4 km/h faster than the minimum speed allowed, the plug-in Prius took just under 21-minutes to complete the 20.7km lap of the Nordschliefe. Fuel burned averaged 0.34L per 100km or the equivalent 698 mpg.

Mahindra Reva Launches e2o Electric Car on Bermuda

Supported by Auto Solutions Ltd and Bermuda Engineering, Mahindra Reva introduces its e2o to the island of Bermuda, offering them along with solar charging option.