Killajoule Captures Electric Motorcycle Speed Record

Eva Hakansson Dube not only sets the speed record for electric motorcycles at 241 mph - passing Lightning Motorcycles own 218 mph record - but the sidecar-based EV also proves the fastest vehicle at Bonneville Salt Flats.

It's the First Five Meters That Count!

The electric version doesn't stand a chance in the quarter mile against high-powered gas cars, but in the city, where the first five meters count most... well, watch and see.

Jay Leno Rides Harley-Davidson's LiveWire Electric Motorcycle

Jay Leno is introduced to the LiveWire electric motorcycle in this episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

What Makes Chevy's Volt Run

Youtube user d55guy dissembles a Chevolet Volt electric hybrid's powertrain, including battery, inverter, and drive motor over the course of these two videos, starting with the lithium battery pack.

VW and Robert Bosch Demonstrate Self-Parking Electric Car

Demonstration of self-driving and self-parking Volkswagen e-Golf that communicates with parking garage, is assigned a free-space and drives by itself, parking in the designated spot. Now just add inductive wireless charging and the loop is complete.