Tesla Energy Announcement

Elon Musk announces the creation of Tesla Energy, his new company that builds and sells home and commercial-scale energy storage units called PowerWalls and PowerPacks.

The Dramatic Impact Shared Autonomous Vehicles

9 out of every 10 vehicles could be taken off the road by the introduction of self-driving, autonomous 'taxibots' and 'autovots' finds newest study by International Transport Forum

Electric Golfboard Wins PGA Best New Product Award

All-powered Golfboard brings a wide-tired kickboard to the golf course in this promotional video. Priced at $6,500 and powered by lithium ion battery, its top speed is reportedly between 10-14mph. Developers claim its easy to learn to ride and gives you a good leg workout over 18 holes.

The Ultimate Drag Race

Energica Ego electric superbike, which just received NHTSA and EPA certification for sale in the United States, goes up against other motorcycles and a couple Tesla EVs and pretty much smokes them all. Now lets see them take on Lightning Motocycles.

Complexity and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Academician and author Richard Heinberg appears in this Post Carbon Institute's documentary short on the law of diminishing returns and how it is a mistake to 'double down' on complexity as the solution to rising economic and environmental problems.