Naomi Oreskes on 'Merchants of Doubt'

Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University Naomi Oreskes tells the story behind 'Merchants of Doubt,' the fossil fuel industry's effort to sow doubt on the science of global warming.

Gogoro: A Scooter for the 21st Century

The Verge visits Gogoro, the Taiwanese-based electric scooter maker whose plan is to not only build the coolest two-wheeler in the world, but deploy an elegantly simple battery exchange network.

BMW I3 Electric Car Tear Down

Video highlights some of the features discovered during a parts tear down of the BMW i3 by Munro and Associates. Also watch the follow-on 40-minute video showing the amazing assembly process used on the i3.

Interview with FIA Formula E Founder Alejandro Agag

FIA Formula E founder Alejandro Agag sits with Computer History Museum CEO John Hollar to talk about his mission to bring electric car racing to the world. Complete race video from all of the races run to date, including Monaco on Saturday, May 9th with its massive pile-up at the start, are linked below. Scroll down.

Tesla Energy Announcement

Elon Musk announces the creation of Tesla Energy, his new company that builds and sells home and commercial-scale energy storage units called PowerWalls and PowerPacks.