What's An Electric Bicycle?

One of the best depictions of the delight of riding an electric-assist bike we've seen yet, highlighting their many benefits. The video also underscores the reason EV World is launching Quikbyke, our e-bike rental venture.

First Flight of the 'Swarm' Multicopter

On August 29, 2015, an unnamed Brit test flew for the first time a 54-motor multicopter for some 6-minutes. Here's the footage of 'The Swarm' in flight.

VBB III Practice Test Run

Venturi Buckeye Bullet III streamliner is powered by combination of 3,000 hp electric drive system, Thwarted the last 2 years from making their record attempt at 600 km/h by weather and track conditions, the team is back and making their first practice runs.

SWINCAR Spider Electric 2 All-Terrain EV

Prototype all-terrain electric vehicle uses four hub motors and unique suspension system that allows it to cross virtually any type of ground.

Tesla Robotic 'Snake' Electric Car Charger

Tesla experimental robotic charger 'snakes' its way to a Model S charging port.