Audi Reveals Urban Concept EV in Frankfurt

Audi reveals its Urban Concept EV in this 22-minute video, which happens to be "auf Deutsch." Entertaining, even if you don't speak the language.

Dan Sperling: A Billion Cars and Counting

Dan Sperling interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air about the world surpassing one billion motor vehicles on the planet.

SOURCE: Fresh Air

Lyric EV: Electric Fun on 3 Wheels

NBC Universal-produced news segment featuring Swiss-developed Lyric stand-up 3-wheeler with top speed of 22 mph and range up to 30 miles.


Comedian Stephen Colbert Spoofs Nissan LEAF 'Wave' Idea

Comedy Central faux-conservative news pundit, Stephen Colbert has fun with Nissan's Facebook promotion asking fans to create a special wave between LEAF owners as they pass each other on the road. If you aren't familiar with Colbert, he really is putting on an act, so don't take his jesting too seriously.

Life with the Chevy Volt