Space Aliens Meet the Chevy Volt

General Motors uses the 2012 Super Bowl to highlight the advanced Earthling technology in their Volt extended range electric hybrid. Meanwhile, Chrysler took a completely different angle with its Super Bowl commercial, using Clint Eastwood to talk about 'It's Halftime in America.'

U.S. Energy Department Secretary on American Automotive Innovation

Address by U. S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu at the 2012 North America International Auto Show.

Source: Detroit Economic Club @ NAIAS 2012

Volt vs Camry Hybrid

TFL Car compares the performance of Chevrolet Volt with Toyota Camry Hybrid in this 7-minute video review.

Where Electric Drive Cars Are Selling in America


Lotus Demonstrates Synthetic Sound for Electric Cars

Lotus Engineering equips Evora 414E Hybrid with synthetic sound generator capable of simulating wide range of sounds from V12 engines to futuristic space ship.