One Wicked Fast Electric BMW

Bill Caswell takes his first spin in a 700-hp electric BMW M3 electric conversion that will be taking on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, and comes away awed by the experience. Also see his review at Jalopnik.

What If Auto Technology Never Progressed?

Toyota television commercial envisions a future where all technology advances except automobiles and the citizens of this alternate reality still drive cars from the early 1900s. The message is that Toyota's hybrid technology represents an advancement over 20th century technology.

Volt Drivers: 'Happiest Car Owners in the World' Video

Real-world Chevy Volt drivers share their experience in this 2:19 promotional video highlighting what they like most about the car's electric hybrid technology.

How To Sell Electric Bicycles in Hilly San Francisco

Creative 2.47 film promoting The New Wheel electric bicycle store in San Francisco, CA.

Domino Pizzas' Electric Scooters Are Silent No More

Dominos Pizza uses Oxygen electric scooters for deliveries in the Netherlands and to makes sure they don't silently surprise other cyclists and pedestrians, the company has added some interesting sound effects.