UCF's Solar-powered ZENN Electric Vehicle

Dave Norvell explains how the University of Central Florida's ZENN electric car is powered by just 3 175w PV panels and never needs charging from the grid.

Electric Dune Buggy Takes on the Dakar Rally

Americans Alister McRae and Tim Coronel want to tackle the 2012 Dakar Rally, a brutal 14-day race across the mountains and deserts of Argentina and Chile in an all-electric version of McRae ProDakar dune buggy. The above video pumps up the adrenaline in anticipation of the challenge.


ABB Builds Out Nationwide Electric Car Charging Network In Estonia

200 of the 700 public chargers being installed across the Baltic country of Estonia are fast chargers, able to recharge appropriately equipped electric cars in at little as 30 minutes.

LIT Motors C-1 Takes to the Streets

Also see EV World's video tour of LIT Motors development studio in San Francisco led by the company CEO Danny Kim.

Hiriko Folding Electric Car Demonstration

Developed by MIT and General Motors, the Hiriko folding car is designed for use by urban carshare programs.