Kyushu University Wind Lens Turbine

Attaching shroud to down wind side of the turbine causes a dramatic increase in power output.

Students Design MU+E Electric Car

Students at Munich Technical University in Germany plan to show prototype of MU+E (pronounced 'mute') at this Fall's Frankfurt Auto Show.

The E-Bikes of Berlin

Al Jazeera reports on the growth of electric bike sales and production in German, including glimpse of facility building smart e-bikes.

How Fabio Became An Electric Car Advocate

Alexandra Paul tells the story of how Fabio, an avid motorcycle collector, came to become a supporter of EV technology.

First Successful Test Flight of FlyNano Electric Amphibian Aircraft

First test flight of FlyNano electric amphibious ultralite aircraft on Finland's Lake Hepari on 11 June 2012.