The E-Bikes of Berlin

Al Jazeera reports on the growth of electric bike sales and production in German, including glimpse of facility building smart e-bikes.

How Fabio Became An Electric Car Advocate

Alexandra Paul tells the story of how Fabio, an avid motorcycle collector, came to become a supporter of EV technology.

First Successful Test Flight of FlyNano Electric Amphibian Aircraft

First test flight of FlyNano electric amphibious ultralite aircraft on Finland's Lake Hepari on 11 June 2012.

Pininfarina Showcases Cambiano Microturbine Electric Hybrid Concept

Instead of using a conventional ICE-age four-banger like the Volt or Karma, Pininfarina opted to utilize a Bladon Jets microturbine in the Cambiano electric hybrid concept featured in this computer animation. The physical car was shown in Geneva and will be on display at Beijing Motor Show. The Bladon Jets microturbine is designed to run on diesel fuel, but can be adapted to other available fueling options. A similar type of engine is being used in the Russian Yo-Mobil hybrid.

Robert Llewellyn Vents About 'Top Gear' and Electric Cars

Host of Fully Charged television program takes on Top Gear's flaming of electric cars, and takes viewers for a ride in an alternative car rally in Britain. Don't be alarmed, he's a huge fan of EVs.