Xkuty Electric Scooter Prototype

Short promotional video on Xkuty electric scooter prototype developed in Spain.

Electric Car Shows Mettle in Post-Sandy Gas Shortage

Better Place's Mike Granoff, who helped raise the electric car charging network's initial U$100 million, drives his BMW ActiveE electric car past gasoline cars lined up to refuel in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Nissan LEAF Television Commercial Airs in Australia

60-second Nissan LEAF commercial aired in Australia highlights the advantages of the all-electric car.

Kyushu University Wind Lens Turbine

Attaching shroud to down wind side of the turbine causes a dramatic increase in power output.

Students Design MU+E Electric Car

Students at Munich Technical University in Germany plan to show prototype of MU+E (pronounced 'mute') at this Fall's Frankfurt Auto Show.