BMW Showcases Active Tourer Electric Hybrid

BMW Active Tourer Concept is first electric hybrid developed by the Bavarian-based automaker outside of its i-Series lineup.

Volar-e Is 1000 HP Electric Racer

First look at Volar-e electric race car powered by four 200kW (250 hp) electric motors as it maneuvers around track somewhere in Europe.

microMAX Introduces 'urbanSWARM' Concept

Swiss think tank, Rinspeed and its 22 collaborating sponsors have developed an electric shuttle that uses 'swarm' programming to reduce emissions and traffic congestion at the same time.

Test Ride in Prototype BMW i8 Electric Hybrid

AutoExpress rides along for test drive on BMW's i8 electric hybrid on frozen lake and winter road using both hybrid and EV-mode.

Toyota Planning Debut Urban EV in Geneva

Toyota will be debuting an urban concept electric car dubbed the i-Road at the 2013 Geneva auto show, but little is known beyond this teaser video, which suggests it is similar in approach to concepts shown by other Japanese and European car companies.