Sneak Preview: 'Do the Math'

Sneak-preview of’s new “Do the Math” documentary due out on April 21st on stopping the fossil fuel industry from carrying out their plans to release even more carbon into the atmosphere.

Tesla Announces Special Model S Financing Plan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces special financing and resales value guarantee on Model S that will enable the purchase for nothing done and $500 a month.

A Computer Ride in the Toyota i-Road

Toyota promotional video combines live action footage recorded in the south of France with computer animation to highlight their answer to shared urban mobility in the form of the i-Road two-passenger Personal Mobility electric vehicle.

BMW i3 Promotional Video

BMW uses the streets of Los Angeles and Santa Monica to show-off its i3 all-electric car, along with its wireless connectivity features.

Evernote Offers Employees Electric Car Perk

App developer Evernote offers its Silicon Valley employees $250 a month to drive cars that qualify for California HOV lane access and has installed electric car charging stations at work, in effort to improve productivity and wellbeing.