SolarWorld e-One Electric Flight

Extended test flight of PC Aero's all-electric, solar-powered sport plane. With 25kWh battery pack and 1.5kW solar wings, the single-seater has an estimated flight endurance of up to 8 hours.

Mercedes SLS Electric: The Ultimate Electric Drive

Chris Harris shares a ride in the Mercedes SLS electric car in this 18:45 minute mini-documentary.

Peugeot's Micro Urban Mobility Scooter Concept

Computer animation of Peugeot's electric Scooter ++ concept that incorporates concerns about safety, security, weather protection.

Sneak Preview: 'Do the Math'

Sneak-preview of’s new “Do the Math” documentary due out on April 21st on stopping the fossil fuel industry from carrying out their plans to release even more carbon into the atmosphere.

Tesla Announces Special Model S Financing Plan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces special financing and resales value guarantee on Model S that will enable the purchase for nothing done and $500 a month.