A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock

Bill Ford, Jr TEDtalk in March 2011 about the development of a smart transportation system and the end of gridlock

Ford Fiesta Powered By Hub Motors

Ford Motor Company and Schaeffler in Germany collaborated on development of electric hub motors to power a Fiesta, as illustrated in this computer generated animation.

SolarWorld e-One Electric Flight

Extended test flight of PC Aero's all-electric, solar-powered sport plane. With 25kWh battery pack and 1.5kW solar wings, the single-seater has an estimated flight endurance of up to 8 hours.

Mercedes SLS Electric: The Ultimate Electric Drive

Chris Harris shares a ride in the Mercedes SLS electric car in this 18:45 minute mini-documentary.

Peugeot's Micro Urban Mobility Scooter Concept

Computer animation of Peugeot's electric Scooter ++ concept that incorporates concerns about safety, security, weather protection.