The Best Cars Use Electricity for Fuel

Electric car drivers share their impressions about owning and operating their electric-drive cars from Teslas to Volts.

Consumer Reports Gives Tesla Model S Highest Marks

Consumer Reports says the Tesla Model S isn't just the best electric car they've ever tested, it's the best car they've ever tested!

Terrafugia Envisions Flying Plug-In Hybrid

TF-X would have a 500 mile range and have the ability to fly itself; pricing anticipated to be less than the Transition model's $279,000.

A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock

Bill Ford, Jr TEDtalk in March 2011 about the development of a smart transportation system and the end of gridlock

Ford Fiesta Powered By Hub Motors

Ford Motor Company and Schaeffler in Germany collaborated on development of electric hub motors to power a Fiesta, as illustrated in this computer generated animation.