President Obama Announces Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

President Barack Obama's full 58-minute address announcing executive actions to begin limiting greenhouse gas emissions and preparing the nation for its consequences. White House infograph on action plan.

Electric Green Taxiing System Demonstrated at Paris Air Show

Demonstration of Honeywell and Safran-developed electric propulsion system for short and medium-haul commercial jetliners to save fuel while taxiing.

Tesla Battery Swap Demonstration

Tesla demonstrates battery exchange in two Model S sedans in the time it takes to fill the tank of one Audi gasoline car.

Elektro E6 Electric Twin-Engine Aircraft

For the first time at the Paris Airshow PC-Aero and EADCO companies present an all-electric, 6-seat, twin engine aircraft concept called the “Elektro E6,” with the goal of flight certification by the next decade.

MindDrive Electric Car Charges Up from KC-to-DC On Social Media

Kansas City area at-risk high school students find their lives transformed as they convert a Karmen Gia into an electric car and drive it to Washington, D.C.