Tesla Battery Swap Demonstration

Tesla demonstrates battery exchange in two Model S sedans in the time it takes to fill the tank of one Audi gasoline car.

Elektro E6 Electric Twin-Engine Aircraft

For the first time at the Paris Airshow PC-Aero and EADCO companies present an all-electric, 6-seat, twin engine aircraft concept called the “Elektro E6,” with the goal of flight certification by the next decade.

MindDrive Electric Car Charges Up from KC-to-DC On Social Media

Kansas City area at-risk high school students find their lives transformed as they convert a Karmen Gia into an electric car and drive it to Washington, D.C.

Life with Electric Car Gets Easier in Southern California

KABC Channel 7 news reporter Dave Kunz finds new LEED-certified McDonalds now also offers DC Fast Charging.

The Cyclist of New York

NY Times' Bill Cunningham, who roams the streets of Gotham taking pictures of people with a fashion focus, turns his lens to the launch of the city's Citibike share.