The Rocket Science Behind Building Tesla Electric Cars

Wired video on the production of the Tesla Model S and how the company adapted concepts from SpaceX rocket production to build its award-winning cars.

Bicycles, E-Bikes and the Future of Urban Mobility

Four member panel made up of bicycle manufacturers and advocates discuss the future role of bicycles, both conventional and electric-assist, in the cities of the future. Video is 72-minutes in length.

TESlive Town Hall Meeting with Elon Musk

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk conducts an hour-long TESlive town hall meeting with Tesla car owners and conducts Q & A, discussing their concerns and hinting at new directions for the company like a Tesla truck.

BMW i3 Global Launch

Video of the official global launch reveal of the i3 electric car in New York City with simultaneous reveals in London and Beijing. Video by EV

Roman Yneges's Valletta E-Cycle

Roman S. Yneges's Kickstarter video, seeking $24,000 to build the 'beta' version of his customizable electric street racer-type motorcycle.