London's New Electric Hybrid Taxi

75 mpg electric hybrid Metrocab taxi introduced to London Mayor Boris Johnson. The plug-in cab will start service early in 2014.

BMW i8 Performance Video

BMW i8 electric hybrid sport coupe explained from an engineering perspective that highlights its performance capabilities due to its e-drive technology.

Kandi Machine: 21st Century Carshare

Aaron Rockett visits China and creates this short documentary on Kandi Technology's electric carshare system, based on an automated parking tower/charger dispensing system.

Racing Full-Sized Electric Track Cars

Two competitors flying above London in a helicopter remotely control a pair of Renault Zoe electric cars on a 1.9-mile track that starts at London Eye and ends along the Thames Embankment.

Test Driving the Volkswagen XL1

Auto Express takes early prototype Volkswagen XL1 super-mileage car for extended test drive on British motorways, getting more than 400 mpg in mixed driving.