The Guardian Test Drives Tesla Model S

What happens when UK's The Guardian's Martin Love gets to inspect Tesla's Model S electric luxury car? Watch the video and find out.

Sorry, But Peak Oil Hasn't Gone Away

'Ring of Fire's' Mike Papantonio discusses the status of peak oil with Michael Klare, the author of the new book The Race for What’s Left.

Assemble Your Own Electric Car in Under One Hour

Bloomberg video report on OSVehicle's Tabby DIY electric or hybrid car kit that will be priced, the company hopes, for under €6,000 or $8,200US.

Larry Pizzi on E-Flow Electric Bicycle at CES 2014

Cult of the Mac attends CES 2014 in Las Vegas and interviews Currie Tech president Larry Pizzi about the e-flow electric-assist bike.

Volkswagen e-Up Video Uses Humor to Turn Heads

European regulators concerned about the quiet operation of electric cars need not worry if every Volkswagen e-Up electric car came with its own sound effects performer.