Grant Thomas Reviews BMW i3 Electric Car

British car reviewer and owner of Nissan LEAF does extended test drive of BMW i3 across narrow rural English roads.

Toyota Launches Ha:mo i-Road Share Program

Toyota inaugurated the launch of the Ha:mo vehicle-share system with the demonstration of its i-Road three-wheeled electric vehicle in Toyota City, Japan

Stop the Repeal of Georgia's EV Tax Credit

EV 'Ambassador' Jason Bass explains why a repeal of Georgia's $5,000 income tax credit on alternative fuel vehicles, electric cars in particular, is wrong-headed and short-sighted.

Consumer Reports Ten Top Picks for 2014

Among the ten top picks for 2014, the green car winner for the eleventh year in a row is the Toyota Prius, but the real surprise is the Tesla Model S as Best Overall.

Rinspeed Envisions Autonomous Tesla Model S

Swiss design firm Rinspeed has upgraded a Model S electric car with futuristic self-driving cockpit that allows passengers to relax while the car - courtesy of movie-making magic - stirs itself across romantic landscapes. This likely is beyond Elon Musk's vision of a Tesla autopilot system, but it shows the potential of what the future may hold for those who can afford it.