Lord Drayson's B12 Electric Car Hits 200 MPH

Fully Charged's actor/EV advocate Robert Llewellyn covers Lord Paul Drayson's record run in his teams B12 elelctric race car in England. See EV World's interview with Lord Drayson. Listen for the awesome sound the car makes at 200 mph!

College Grads Create Tesla TV Spot for $1,500

Here's the $1,500 sixty-second television spot created by two college grads that even Elon Musk loves.

Grant Thomas Reviews BMW i3 Electric Car

British car reviewer and owner of Nissan LEAF does extended test drive of BMW i3 across narrow rural English roads.

Toyota Launches Ha:mo i-Road Share Program

Toyota inaugurated the launch of the Ha:mo vehicle-share system with the demonstration of its i-Road three-wheeled electric vehicle in Toyota City, Japan

Stop the Repeal of Georgia's EV Tax Credit

EV 'Ambassador' Jason Bass explains why a repeal of Georgia's $5,000 income tax credit on alternative fuel vehicles, electric cars in particular, is wrong-headed and short-sighted.