Tesla Model 3 Reveal

The official reveal of the new, $35,000 Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Tabby: The World's First Open Source EV Kit

OSVehicles in Modena, Italy have create an open source electric car kit that can be used to help launch electric car companies, offer electric car services, or do quick prototype development. Here's time lapse of the car coming together in less than 60 hours.

Electric Corvette Sets New Speed Record

Genovations GXE all-electric Chevrolet Corvette set a land speed record for a street-legal EV at 186.8 mph. Here's what is looked and sounded like.

Nissan: The Fuel Station of the Future

Nissan sees the combination of electric vehicles, renewable energy, wireless charging and autonomous vehicles as transforming how our cities are powered.

Leonardo DiCaprio On Climate Change

Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio, who also is a partner in Venturi Formula E racing, delivers passionate address about climate change and global warming during his 'Best Actor' acceptance speech at the 88th Academy Awards.