Years of Living Dangerously - Episode 1

First episode of James Cameron's new documentary 'introduces us to men and women who are living on the frontlines of the climate crisis and reveals an alarming truth: Climate change is happening right now.' - Frances Beinecke, NRDC

Jay Leno Straps On Porsche's 918 Spyder Plug-In Supercar

Jay Leno, owner of Jay Leno's Garage and former host of late night talk show, Tonight Show, gets to experience Porsche's million dollar plug-in 918 Spyder.

Ford's Parody Response to GM's 'Poolside' TV Spot

General Motor's 'Poolside' television commercial featuring its Cadillac ELR stirred up more than its share of negative commentary and inspired Ford Motor Co. to create its own parody.

Lord Drayson's B12 Electric Car Hits 200 MPH

Fully Charged's actor/EV advocate Robert Llewellyn covers Lord Paul Drayson's record run in his teams B12 elelctric race car in England. See EV World's interview with Lord Drayson. Listen for the awesome sound the car makes at 200 mph!

College Grads Create Tesla TV Spot for $1,500

Here's the $1,500 sixty-second television spot created by two college grads that even Elon Musk loves.