A Smart [eBike] Way to Commute

Besides building the smartfourtwo micro car, available in electric, the Daimler division also sells an electric assist bicycle. We would not, however, recommend riding in the middle of a gridlocked multilane street.

Nissan's Silent Night Race

Nissan races a trio of LEAF electric cars through a sleeping Italian village in the middle of the night to demonstrte they can be both silent and exciting.

White House Solar System Reinstalled After Thirty Year Hiatus

First installed on the White House in the Carter Administration and then removed under the Reagan Presidency, solar photovoltaics are back on the home of the U.S. President, providing some 6 kW of solar-generated electric power.

AirBus Group Test Flies Prototype All-Electric Flight Trainer

France 24 reports on test flight of the AirBus Group's (formerly EADS) E-Fan all-electric flight trainer prototype, powered from take-off to landing entirely on battery power.

'6' The Movie - Trailer

Trailer for documentary from the director of Oscal-winning 'Cove', explores the role humans are playing in the mass extinction of endangered species.