Tesla Model X Test Drive

Reporting for Tech Insider, Cadie Thompson goes for spin in Tesla Model X P90D all-electric crossover SUV, discovering its falcon doors, auto pilot and screamingly quick acceleration.

Unofficial, Fan-Produced Spot Pays Tribute to Nicola Tesla and Tesla Motors.

The Friese Brothers produced this unofficial post-apocalypse paean to Tesla Motors and the Model S.

Solar Impulse Arrives in California

After two days and nights flying solo across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to northern California, for a total of 62 hours and 29 minutes, Bertrand Piccard safely completes Leg 9 of Solar Impulse's 'round-the-world flight powered only by sunlight.

Electric Volocopter Flies

Pilot and managing director of e-Volo GmbH Alexander Zosel takes the prototype, all-electric, 18-rotor Volocopter for its first manned test flight.

Is This Apple's Secret Project Titan Electric Car?

Video purported to be of Apple's secret electric car project, called Project Titan. From the video it appears they might be testing its autonomous driving mode.