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FIA Formula E - Round Three

Third round of 2014 FIA Formula E electric car race in Punte del Este, Uruguay

It Takes LOTS of Electricity to Make Gasoline

Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn illustrates one of the least known facts about refining oil into motor fuels: the enormous amount of electricity it takes. This is a must watch, folks.

The Future of Electric Flight

Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation's George Bye interview by Aero News Network's Jim Campbell on the company's electric flight trainer and the advances in technology that make it possible.

Formula E - Round Two in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Round two of Formula E electric race series in Putrajaya, Malaysia featuring 10 international teams.

Jay Leno's Garage Features 218 MPH Lightning Motorcycle

Richard Hatfield and the Lightning Motorcycle appear on Jay Leno's Garage and Jay takes it for test ride in the hills outside of Los Angeles. Lightning delivered their first production bike to their first customer.