Norrebrogade district in Copenhagen, Denmark
PHOTO CAPTION: Norrebrogade district in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Street Closure Improves Quality of Life in Nørrebro District

Copenhagize.com reports on a new study done by the city of Copenhagen on the results of the closure to through traffic of one of its major arterials in the Nørrebro district starting in 2008. Only local residents with cars, which represents just 19 percent of the people who live there, have access to the road, making it nearly 'car-free.'

Here's the results of the traffic calming program that only permits bikes, transit buses and pedestrians full-access:

As to the last point, Copenhagenize notes, "Rumours of imminent death for small businesses were grossly exaggerated - as they always are. Bicycle users, bus passengers and pedestrians are the backbone of retail sale. There are only four fewer small businesses on the street. Which is roughly the same as most other neighbourhoods in Copenhagen."

SOURCE: Copenhagenize

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