Bicycle generator used by Occupy Wall Street.
PHOTO CAPTION: Bicycle generator used by Occupy Wall Street.

A Role for Bicycles in Future Emergencies

Spurred by what he characterizes as an "obnoxious anti-bike editorial' in New York's Daily News, Associate Professor of Human Service at New York School of Technology/CUNY, Benjamin Shepard reminds New Yorkers of the role bicycles played in helping with the recovery efforts in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He cites recommendations from Times Up!, described as a 'New York City-based not-for-profit direct-action environmental group' which include the following:

Quoting Times Up! Keegan Stephan, he notes...

"Investing in bike infrastructure now is an investment in the next disaster relief effort. Investing in bike infrastructure is an investment in communities, giving them the tools to deal with the next disaster. Hurricane Sandy was the result of burning fossil fuels. Investing in bike infrastructure and other zero-emission transportation will help mitigate the next disaster."

Shepard concludes, "Cycling is part of the solution for a global city."

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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