PHOTO CAPTION: ZeHus management team with Golden Creative Award at China Cycle 2014.

ZeHus Bike+ Wins Golden Creative Award at China Cycle 2014

Compact and lightweight, the Bike+ drive system switches on and off automatically, allowing the bike to operate just like a non-motorized model.

Published: 13-Apr-2014

Bike+, an innovative power train that when mounted on a bike creates “the only pedal assisted vehicle over the world that never needs to be recharged”, has won the Golden Creative Award at "China Cycle 2014" (Shanghai, April12-16). An International Jury voted it as the most innovative product of the Event. The delivery took place during the Opening Ceremony of China Cycle, which is one of the most important International Shows devoted to the bicycle industry.

EV World's startup is in discussions with ZeHus to utilize Bike+ as part of our electric-assist bike rental system. Learn more at ePEDALER.com.

Bike+ technology has been developed within the research group "Move" of the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB) of the Politecnico of Milan University, led by Prof. Sergio Savaresi and, as evidenced by the prestigious prize, is an expression of high technology totally "made in Italy “. With the aim to bring to market products that take advantage of technology Bike+, one year ago was established the company "Zehus-zero emission human synergy”, an innovative start up, Politecnico of Milano spin off, supported with a seed financing by the venture incubator M 31, focused on promoting Italian style high tech. A bike equipped with the Bike+ technology system is used exactly like a bicycle: switches on and off automatically, it’s very lightweight and compact, and, over all, never needs to be recharged.

The Creative Award, hosted by the “China Bicycle Association” and “China Cycle 2014” was organized by the “National Bicycle Quality Supervision and Testing Center” and the “Shanghai Creative Industry Center”

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