How to "Lease" a BMW i3 for $18 a Month

Peder Norby applies 'Teslanomics' to recalculate the monthly lease on BMW's i3 electric car.

Published: 10-Apr-2014

Automakers are always trying to find new ways to make their cars look cheaper to buy — and Tesla is no exception. But what happens when you take other plug-in cars and use the same Tesla logic to advertise them?

You end up with some really crazy monthly costings, like an entry-level BMW i3 for just $18 a month, or a Nissan LEAF you’re actually PAID to drive!

Enter Teslanomics: the concept that you advertise an electric car at a price which includes all the possible savings and incentives your car is likely to attract in its lifetime.


BMW ActiveE  drivers have accumulated 6.1 million gasoline-free miles.

Web site features aggregate car data for the 700 BMW ActiveEs drivers who are participating in electric car field trials since January 2012.

BMW i3 electric city car is said to run around €40,000 in Europe.

In addition to offering the use of a longer-range gasoline car, BMW is establishing a chain of 30 minute quick-charging stations along the 590-kilometer route from Munich to Berlin.

BMW i3 electric car will be offered with option gasoline range extender.

100 mile range in EV mode is predicted to double with addition of 650cc, twin-cylinder gasoline engine generator.


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