Top Gear Sued Over Disparaging Tesla Roadster Report

Tesla Motors files suit against BBC claiming 'Top Gear' review of Roadster reckless and 'severely damaged' its reputation.

Published: 30-Mar-2011

They have rarely worried about who they might offend, but this time the Top Gear team may have driven too close to the edge.

Only months after insulting the whole of Mexico, the BBC’s flagship motoring show has been accused by the U.S. maker of the world’s fastest production electric car of faking a race.

Tesla Motors Inc yesterday issued a writ at the High Court over an episode featuring ‘the ultimate test for an electric car’ – a drag race between its Roadster and a petrol-powered Lotus Elise.


Tesla Roadster recall affects 439 vehicles

12V auxiliary cable chafing in one car lead to short circuit. ID numbers below 500 are not affected.

Tesla Model S will come in three version with different ranges.

Model S battery pack is flatter and nearly the width and length of the car, and is embedded in the floor of the electric car.

2009-2011 Toyota RAV4 Sport is due for major facelift, including all-electric drive option being developed by Telsa Motors

Agreement is in addition to $50M Toyota paid for shares of Telsa in July 2010.


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