Chorus Motors Offers Test Challenge

Motor uses novel windings and control electronics to produce more torque than conventional AC induction motors.

Published: 14-Nov-2000

GIBRALTAR--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 2000--Chorus Motors plc is offering to perform head-to-head tests of the new Chorus(TM) motor technology against comparable motors.

The Chorus(TM) motor uses novel windings and control electronics to produce substantially greater start-up and continuous torque than a conventional AC induction motor of the same frame size and heating limits.

In tests, the two pole TEFC Chorus(TM) motor with a 215T frame has provided 41.5 ft lbs. of peak torque over twelve minutes of operation, against 31.3 ft lbs. of peak torque from a 3-phase AC induction motor of the same size, with the same temperature limits. Over short periods of 30 seconds, Chorus(TM) motors can produce 3-5 times the peak torque of comparable conventional motors.

Continuous torque tests show a Chorus(TM) motor running at 1200 rpm providing 22 ft lbs. of torque against only 14.6 ft lbs. for a comparable AC induction motor using square waves and the same power control electronics and thermal limits.

Results from initial prototype testing can be downloaded or viewed on the Chorus Motor web site at

Chorus Motors plc CEO Isaiah Cox says "The Chorus(TM) motor is ideal for both traction and continuous applications such as automation, elevators, electric vehicles, hoists, locomotives, conveyors, pumps and fans, and from sizes ranging from fractional horsepower, to megawatt scale motors."

"We realize that we make great claims for this technology, which is why we are willing to go head-to-head against any conventional AC induction motor to demonstrate the superiority of the Chorus(TM) technology. We can also discuss custom tests on specific motor frames. Chorus(TM) also provides higher torque and better control at a much lower cost than any permanent magnet DC brushless drives."

Chorus Motors plc is a subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited (US NASD: BOREF). Borealis Exploration Limited has 5,000,000 shares outstanding. Borealis' business is reinventing the core technologies used by basic industries, including electric motors, steelmaking, electrical power generation, and cooling and refrigeration.

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