UPS Implements Different Strategies to Reduce Energy Costs

UPS spent more than $1.4 billion last year on fuel, which was nearly 4 percent of its revenue, but it still hasn't followed FedEx and Purolator's lead in deploying hybrid-electric delivery trucks.

Published: 15-Jun-2005

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The next time you're at the pump, possibly mumbling another unutterable about gas prices, consider the tactics of a company with a far bigger addiction to fuel than your own.

Delivery giant UPS has 88,000 vehicles in its big brown fleet and a reputation for studiously thinking its way through problems.

So here's what the company and its more than 6,000 engineers have figured out about fuel efficiency that could help you: Don't leave the engine idling. Accelerate smoothly. Drive the speed limit. Keep the engine tuned.



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