California Family Declares Their Energy Independence

The Bud Emerson family of Del Mar puts the Saudi Royals on notice.

Published: 13-Jun-2005

Open letter to the ruling family of Saudi Arabia: This is fair notice of an impending radical change in your lifestyle.

Starting today, my family will produce its own energy supply. We have installed a rooftop photovoltaic solar system that will convert the sun's energy to electricity. Our excess capacity will go to our local utility, San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

We purchased a new hybrid car, energy-saving appliances and light bulbs. The cost is less than a new car, but worth it for the independence we gain.

You wonder how my family's decision affects you? We are part of a radical transformation that will undermine the sick and twisted relationship with our country that you have enjoyed for generations.

Within the next few years, families in Del Mar and millions throughout the United States will be installing these systems. Americans are finally waking up to the fact that you, the Bushes and their oil-conglomerate friends have been greedily exploiting us for decades. Millions of citizens have given up expecting our government to reform, so we are taking matters into our own hands. Citizen action works here and eventually it will work in your society.

Our oil dependency nurtures your greed and compromises our country's integrity. We know you finance radical religious schools that breed generations of young people to hate America. These kids are brainwashed that terrorism against Americans is their religious duty. Your ordinary citizens do not benefit from your ill-gotten oil gains. Your repression of women's rights is unconscionable. Without our oil money, you will be forced to learn to live within the moral codes of the modern world.

This oil dependency has twisted our country's values as well. We bypass the laws and values of the international community to feed our Middle Eastern oil addiction. We used our military might to pulverize the Third World country of Iraq to protect our sources of oil. Our education, highway and health care money is being spent to subdue Iraq.

We too have radical religious groups whose dominant position in our current government undermines our venerable Constitution's imperative of separating church and state. Ironically, they resemble the religious crazies you support.

This will surely change in the next few years as we free ourselves from our pathetic dependency on your oil. We will convert our car engines to hydrogen, electric and biodiesel. Our reduced need for oil will be shared with Mexico, Canada and Latin America as we unite all of the Americas into a powerful world economic force.

We will apologize for our Iraqi invasion and convert money used for military subjugation to repair the damage we have caused. You, Iraq and the rest of the Middle East will figure out among yourselves how to participate in the modern world.

I mean no offense by this warning. With enough notice you can convert this problem into an opportunity to get your act together. That is what we intend to do in our country.

Bud Emerson lives in Del Mar.

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