Biodiesel - George Bush's Answer to Global Warming

A scientist-muzzling White House sees biodiesel as the way to curb global warming.

Published: 11-Jun-2005

StartFragment --> WASHINGTON -- President Bush has seen the future and suggests it's a U.S. president thrilled with the soybean report.

This is what he said, when asked a few days ago by a British reporter if he believes that climate change is manmade and whether he, as head of the world's richest nation, has a responsibility to do all he can to reverse it.

"I'll tell you an interesting opportunity, for not only here but for the rest of the world, is biodiesel. That is a fuel developed through, from soybeans. I kind of, in jest, like to travel our country saying, 'Wouldn't it be wonderful if someday the president sat down and looked at the crop report, and said, man, we've got a lot of soybeans.' It means we're less dependent on foreign sources of energy. We're spending money to figure out how best to refine soy into diesel.

"See, there's a lot of things we're doing in America, and I believe that not only can we solve our greenhouse gas, I believe we will."


The D1 Lola B2K is only capable of 200mph, some 15mph slower than its petrol-powered competitors, but Lola hopes that, as it will need fewer pit stops to refuel, it could be quick overall.

Enterprise purchased five Jeep Liberties outfitted with standard diesel engines that require no modifications to run on biodiesel, which it keeps filled with B20 biodiesel.


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