DaimlerChrysler Unveils Bionic Concept Car

The Bionic Car is powered by a 2-liter, four-cylinder, common-rail, turbocharged diesel that makes 140 horsepower. Executives said the fuel economy rating of 70 mpg would be about 30 percent higher than that achieved by a production vehicle.

Published: 09-Jun-2005


WASHINGTON -- DaimlerChrysler AG executives on Tuesday unveiled a four-passenger, diesel-powered concept car that they say would earn a fuel economy rating of 70 mpg and would meet tough new U.S. tailpipe emission standards.

The inspiration for its design is an odd undersea creature called the boxfish, which engineers and designers found has some of nature's best streamlining and a structure that is lightweight but strong.

During development, the project was codenamed Boxfish.


The D1 Lola B2K is only capable of 200mph, some 15mph slower than its petrol-powered competitors, but Lola hopes that, as it will need fewer pit stops to refuel, it could be quick overall.

Enterprise purchased five Jeep Liberties outfitted with standard diesel engines that require no modifications to run on biodiesel, which it keeps filled with B20 biodiesel.


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