UK Firm to Offer Plug-In Prius Modifications

Greener more fuel efficient 'plug in' hybrid conversions to be commercialised in Europe by UK company in partnership with EnergyCS and Edrive Systems.

Published: 08-Jun-2005

United Kingdom, Lincolnshire - Amberjac Projects Limited are proud to announce, in conjunction with our USA partners EnergyCS and Edrive Systems LLC, the launch of the 'Plug In' Hybrid concept in Europe.
Amberjac Projects is in the process of acquiring exclusive European rights from Edrive Systems and EnergyCS to offer integrated conversions and licensing of the Edrive Systems 'Plug-in' concept to integrators and OEM manufacturers.

"This is a breakthrough in the industry. The PHEV allows renewable energy to displace gasoline, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels," said Stephan Godevais, president and CEO of Valence Technology." We are pleased that Amberjac Projects have followed EnergyCS and Edrive Systems by adopting a Saphion solution for the European Prius PHEV conversion kit."

'Plug-in' hybrids have a higher capacity battery system and the capability to recharge from national grid electricity supplies, adding renewable energy to the transportation fuel mix. Recharging will normally take place overnight utilising cheap rate electricity and taking advantage of spare off peak generation capacity, taking advantage of unused capacity at that time.

The 'Plug-in' Hybrid concept is a revolutionary development offering significant improvements in fuel efficiency and zero emission electric vehicle range, and represents a major advancement in Hybrid vehicle technology.

The first vehicle to be converted will be a Toyota Prius and will be available for demonstrations or press events at the end of July 2005, with a vehicle conversion commercially available in early 2006. Early adopters are being sought for initial development vehicles, at higher initial cost, to assist us with our data generation programme or for extended fleet trials.

Recently the Edrive Systems Plug-in Prius achieved 102mpg (US Gallon) over the first 60 miles and a net 84mpg over a 150 mile course in the Tour de Sol in New York, first place in Hybrid category and first place in technical innovation.

Plug in upgrades will be offered for other hybrid vehicles as they become available from OEM manufacturers, such as the new Lexus RX400h hybrid, GS450h hybrid and the European version of the Ford Escape hybrid. OEM manufacturers are invited to discuss the possibilities of integrating the plug-in concept in new vehicle development programmes with the 4x4 (SUV) and large/medium vehicle markets of particular focus.

The key elements of the Prius 'Plug-in' conversion are as follows:

1) 9kWh SaphionT battery system replaces the standard 1.3kWh NiMH pack
2) BMU (Battery Management Unit) system that interfaces seamlessly with
the Toyota Hybrid System (THS)
3) Up to 35 miles EV range at urban speeds below 33mph
4) 130 in combined cycle driving (130 miles per imperial gallon, 1
Imperial gallon = 4.4 litres; 1 US gallon = 3.8 Litres)
5) Returns to normal Prius hybrid mode when battery pack depleted
6) Compact Onboard charging system, charge anywhere
7) Charged by domestic electrical power. Charge overnight using cheap
rate off peak electricity and grid renewables.
8) Can be conveniently charged by roadside charging systems
9) Will be the first commercially available plug-in hybrid, pre-orders being taken

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Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

Remarks to the president after May 3, 2006 Cabinet meeting.

Excerpted remarks by G.W. Bush from Pennsylvania Congressional Victory Committee Dinner


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