MagLev Train Could 'Fly' Between London and Glasgow at 270 MPH

The entire 500-mile proposed route would cost 16 billion British Pounds even before taking into account the purchase of land.

Published: 06-Jun-2005

Described as "flying on the ground", Shanghai's 270mph magnetic floating railway has impressed British ministers. But plans to build a London to Scotland line would cost at least £16bn, according to feasibility studies sanctioned by Downing Street.

Known as the Maglev (magnetic levitation) train, China's flagship transport system takes eight minutes to hurtle along a 19-mile track through the paddy fields surrounding Shanghai airport - a journey which takes up to an hour by car.

The sleek white carriages, first of their kind in the world, are controlled by a magnetic charge which holds them 1cm above a metal track.



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