Green Cities Conference Highlights Environment and Transportation

While local artist shows off his biodiesel Mercedes, GM tauts its hydrogen fuel cell prototype and talks of showroom sales by 2010.

Published: 06-Jun-2005

International mayors meeting at the Green Cities conference in San Francisco (through June 5) are hearing about environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Many alternatives to gasoline-burning cars are becoming available.

Some are more practical than others. Many San Franciscans have bicycles, which are not especially useful in the busy central city, where trolleys, buses, cable cars and rapid rail are better options. San Francisco artist Teddy Wiant drives a very noisy old Mercedes.

"This is used vegetable oil that comes from restaurants from around San Francisco, and basically all that needs to be done is to let is settle for a week, and then filter it down to an acceptable level," he explains. "Then all you have to do is heat the vegetable oil before it reaches the engine, and you're running fine."


Give car designers a theme, let their imaginations go crazy and the result is the Los Angeles design challenge.

Key to Detroit's future: Safer, snazzier, smarter, greener cars, including introduction of hybrid-electric version of popular Toyota Camry pictured below.


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