Electric Bikes, A No-Sweat Business Decision

A trip down to smoggy Los Angeles prompted Christian Mackenzie and Erika Kluthe to get into the electric bicycle business.

Published: 05-Jun-2005

Christian Mackenzie leans against the cash desk inside his brightly lit store, explaining how he and his girlfriend and business partner Erika Kluthe got into the business of selling electric bicycles.

"We took a trip down to L.A. in the summer of 2001," said Mackenzie, co-owner of Voltage Electric Cycles. "It was brutally hot and smoggy. We spent half of our time sitting in six lanes of traffic that wasn't moving and I thought that sucked."

The shop includes a strange array of unique designer toys that includes evil-looking stuffed animals and a Drinky Crow jack-in-the-box. There are also rows of T-shirts by North American designers including Zero Boutique of Halifax and Gama-Go of San Francisco. And then, of course, there are the electric bikes; sleek and attractive, in bright colours like red and yellow on display in the windows and at the back of the store.


Garini Group of Brazil has placed their initial order for 2,255 units for shipment to the Evader/Garini assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil.

XEBRA 'City Car' is a unique design suitable for urban, non-freeway driving.

$150,000 Wrightspeed X-1 competed in a race with $170,000 Ferrari and a $400,000 Porsche.


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