India's Reva Electric Cars Rev'n Up

The cute, super compact electric vehicle, which comfortably seat two adults and two kids, has its own fan following amongst the environmentally-inclined, and even the practicality-loving and cost-conscious car buyers in the country.

Published: 05-Jun-2005

Reva battery electric car now being imported into Malta, as well as Britain

THE French gave it their best shot, the US is still struggling to make it universally acceptable and many other countries have dabbled with the subject building unviable prototypes. But electric vehicles have not made it to the roads in big numbers.

Electric passenger vehicles have yet to merge attributes such as affordability, practicality and drivability in as seamless a fashion as cars that run on petrol and diesel. Zero-pollution, electric vehicles (EVs) have, as a result, remained just niche products catering to a focussed group or continue to be just experimental prototypes, while their more practical cousins — the Hybrids — are making steady inroads into the mainstream world of automobiles.


Honda to debut its Insight petrol-electric hybrid (pictured below) and its FCX fuel cell demonstrator.


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