Firm Lauches 'Certified Clean Car' Decal Program

Decal Distinguishes Drivers Who Offset Air Pollution and Create Demand for Clean Energy

Published: 05-Jun-2005

Renewable Ventures LLC, a leading provider of renewable energy investment and facility management, today announced the launch of its Certified Clean Car program, which enables eco-conscious drivers to inexpensively offset their automobile carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by purchasing renewable energy credits. Participants in the Certified Clean Car program receive an attractive certification decal indicating their clean energy efforts.

Launching at Catwalk On The Wild Side, the official Eco-Chic Fashion Show & Closing Party of the United Nations' World Environment Day, produced by Wildlife Works, Renewable Ventures' Certified Clean Car program gives automobile drivers an easy and affordable way to reduce CO2 emissions while helping to grow markets for clean renewable energy. To participate or learn more about Certified Clean Car visit:

"Even though emission-free cars are not yet a viable option for consumers, there exists a real way that drivers can offset their cars' air pollutants today," said Matt Cheney, CEO of Renewable Ventures LLC. "When drivers participate in Renewable Venture's Certified Clean Car program, they are purchasing carbon credits from renewable energy sources to effectively neutralize their cars' emissions, while helping create a demand for clean energy from the sun and wind."

Non-renewable sources of energy like oil and coal are the primary cause of air pollution in the United States. To address this substantial environmental problem, countries and organizations around the world have developed ways to trade greenhouse gases like CO2. Under these initiatives, consumers can purchase power generated from clean energy sources equivalent to the emissions produced by their driving.

"Growing the supply of renewable energy sources from solar and wind power is a critical part of our nation's energy security and environmental health," said Joel Makower, co-founder and principal of Clean Edge, a clean-tech research and strategy firm. "With each car in the United States producing an average of 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, the Certified Clean Car program represents a powerful tool in the hands of every consumer and business to do their part to impact greenhouse gas emissions and create new clean energy markets and jobs."

Through the Certified Clean Car program, participants can easily calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by their cars annually and then offset that damage by purchasing credits equivalent to the pollution. Credits for the Certified Clean Car program come in part from Renewable Ventures' own clean energy installations and other renewable sources certified by the Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program administered by the Center for Resource Solutions, a national nonprofit organization. The remaining credits come from the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), North America's first and only voluntary, legally binding multi-sector market for reducing and trading greenhouse gas emissions.

"Renewable energy credits or RECs represent the environmental benefits of renewable electricity generation. Purchasing these credits supports the generation of clean energy and offsets emissions from electricity generation," said Jan Hamrin, President of the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. "Using Green-e certified RECs to offset emissions from transportation is an emerging and innovative way to reduce an individual's carbon footprint."

Renewable Ventures provides financing solutions and operational support to commercial, industrial and governmental customers to help them establish clean energy sources and promote competitively-priced energy from solar, wind, bio-mass, small-scale hydro, and other alternative energy sources. Certified Clean Car gets consumers involved in the drive to support clean energy by establishing a means through which they can increase the value and market opportunity for renewable energy sources.

About Renewable Ventures LLC

Renewable Ventures LLC is a leading provider of innovative financing solutions focusing on solar electric and renewable energy power plant development for commercial, industrial and governmental customers in the U.S. Renewable Ventures finances, owns and operates renewable energy power plants in North America, including plants located in California, Ohio, Connecticut and Texas. For more information about Renewable Ventures, visit:

About Clean Edge, Inc.

Clean Edge, Inc. is a leading research and publishing firm that helps companies, investors, and policymakers understand and profit from clean-energy technologies. Through its research and reports, strategic marketing services, online publications, and co-sponsored conferences and events, the company is devoted to tracking and analyzing clean-tech market trends and opportunities. Founded in 2000 by environmental and high-tech business pioneers Ron Pernick and Joel Makower, Clean Edge and its network of partners and affiliates offer unparalleled insight and intelligence for a range of clean-tech stakeholders. For more information about Clean Edge, visit:

About the Center for Resource Solutions

CRS is a national nonprofit working to increase the supply and use of renewable energy. CRS operates national and international programs that design clean energy policies, identify best practices and create implementation tools. CRS administers Green-e, the nation's leading certification and verification program for renewable energy. Green-e is the most inclusive national brand for renewable energy, representing the largest segment of suppliers and purchasers in the nation. Green-e certifies renewable energy products offered by 100 energy providers. For more information about CRS, visit: For more information about Green-e certification, visit or call 1-888-63-GREEN.


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