Electric Car Movement Fights to Stay on the Road

Battery electric car supporters in California continue to fight, staging vigils and press conferences to keep their cars from being crushed.

Published: 04-Jun-2005

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Nearly 15 years ago, electric cars were all the road rage with bureaucrats and environmentalists who thought the non-polluting vehicles would eventually take over California's freeways.

But the growing popularity of hybrid cars and an upcoming state “Hydrogen Highway” proposal highlight how other cheaper, more convenient or politically expedient technologies have leapfrogged the vehicles powered by rechargeable batteries.

The electric car is wheezing its last breath. Fewer than 1,000 of them remain on the road in California, and automakers have turned their backs on technology.


Garini Group of Brazil has placed their initial order for 2,255 units for shipment to the Evader/Garini assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil.

XEBRA 'City Car' is a unique design suitable for urban, non-freeway driving.

$150,000 Wrightspeed X-1 competed in a race with $170,000 Ferrari and a $400,000 Porsche.


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