Troubling Choices Await World Hooked on Oil

It's misleading to assign Asia sole responsibility for the surge in world oil prices. The United States uses twice as much oil as India and China, despite having a less than a sixth of the comibined population. Person for person, the United States uses 15 times as much oil as China.

Published: 01-Jun-2005

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It's the stuff of American romance: summer, a big car, a tankful of gas and the endless highway.

But that fabled love is now a troubled relationship. 

We can still drive where we want, if the traffic isn't too bad. And we can still drive something nice, if our credit holds out. But Americans can no longer control the cost of the gasoline that enlivened the romance.


AIADA's energy symposium yields constructive dialogue on future of mobility. Photo of 2005 Chevy Montana Sport Flex-Fuel pickup.

Matthew Simmons introduces Harvard University audience to the reality of peak oil. Photo Credit:Maggie Mastricola/Harvard News Office


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