New UK Energy Minister Reaffirms Support for Renewable Energy

Newly appointed Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks has used his first public speech to reaffirm the government's commitment to renewable energy.

Published: 31-May-2005

Speaking at the All-Energy conference in Aberdeen, Wicks said there was "no doubt" of the government's determination to push ahead on renewables. Accepting most of the recommendations from the Sustainable Development Commission's report last week (see related story) he went on to announce:

  • Approval of the Scout Moor 26 turbine wind farm in Greater Manchester;
  • £2.68 million Government funding for Newcastle based SMDHydrovision's TidEI tidal energy prototype;
  • £1.35 million funding for 14 new solar installations across the UK.

    "The Sustainable Development Commission last week reiterated the terrific potential of wind power. Our decision to give the go-ahead for Scout Mor was taken after extensive and thorough consideration of the representations I received, both for and against consent being granted," he said. "The independent public inquiry ensured that community and environmental concerns were heard. Approval takes into account the concerns raised and includes a number of conditions recommended by the inquiry Inspector to mitigate any impacts."



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