Korean Company Launches GEO EV1

GEO EV1 is based on French micro car and can cover 250 kilometers at a speed of 120 km per hour on 100-kilogram of lithium-ion batteries.

Published: 28-May-2005


Newly formed electric carmaker GEO EV1 said yesterday it will produce 1,000 vehicles, beginning next March.

The GEO EV1 mini-car will cost around 25 million won or less if it receives government support in its effort to encourage eco-friendly low-emission cars, the company said.

GEO EV1, which was set up in February, said its mini-car can cover 250 kilometers at a speed of 120 km per hour after its 100-kilogram battery is fully charged.


Cleaner cars were the focus of the 2005 Tokyo Auto show, but for this reporter, the Eliica -- pictured below -- was the highlight.

Eight-wheeled, all electric Eliica may be build in small numbers, say designers.

The wheel robots, complete with their own suspension, remove the need for a drive shaft and even the engine block, freeing up designers to make new use of the space in the car.


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