Senate Committee Advances Energy Bill

Provisions would double ethanol use in gasoline and provide loan guarantees for new, innovative energy technologies including coal and nuclear reactors

Published: 26-May-2005

WASHINGTON - Governors, mayors and local officials would have little chance to block construction of a liquefied natural gas facility under an energy bill that advanced Thursday from a Senate committee.

A provision in the bill would give the     Federal Energy Regulatory Commission exclusive jurisdiction over final approval of such a terminal. A dozen or more such facilities probably will be built in the next decade.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee advanced the nontax portion of the energy legislation by a 21-1 vote.


The forecast consumption of coal, nuclear and renewables have been increased from earlier predictions, while petroleum and natural gas consumption are lower.

The United States accounts for 2,544 MW of total installed capacity and 1,914 MW of operation, and the difference is due to a lack of steam due to over-exploitation of the Geysers field in California.

February 28,2006 address to National Governor's Ethanol Coalition.


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