Carbon Tax Seen as Good Way to Curb Global Warming

A carbon tax would be paid whenever a molecule of carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

Published: 23-May-2005

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WITH its upcoming acquisition of Cinergy, Duke Energy will be among the nation's largest coal-fired utilities. It may be surprising then that Duke Energy's chair-apparent, Paul Anderson, has taken such a maverick stance on the reality of climate change and the need to limit emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Not only has Anderson embraced the consensus view of the worldwide scientific community that global warming is real and human-caused, but he also has urged us to pursue potentially the most effective means to improve our energy-use efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions -- a tax on carbon emissions.

Anderson correctly recognizes that the emissions of carbon dioxide stem from many sectors of society -- from power plants and other industrial sources and from you and me, as we heat and light our houses and drive our cars on daily errands. No one sector can solve the global warming problem by itself.


China and India are among the world's fastest growing economies whose GHG emissions are outpacing their national incomes. Photo of boy working in light bulb factory courtesy of Fayetteville State University.


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