Siemens Bases Next Gen. Smart IT on NexWave OS

Promises integration of WAP and other mobile technologies into smart vehicle information systems.

Published: 13-Nov-2000

COMDEX, LAS VEGAS -- NexWave (, developers of a complete, component-based environment for creating operating systems (OS) and applications layers for products with embedded microprocessors requiring intelligence and Internet access, announced a successful demonstration of its technology in partnership with Siemens for PSA Peugeot Citroen. The NexWave-Siemens collaboration is part of an advanced multimedia project Siemens Automotive's Toulouse, France, location is undertaking that will integrate information, interactive communication and entertainment functions in a single system. Volume production is expected as early as 2002. The NexWave technology was featured at the recent Mondial de l'Automobile (Automobile 2000) show in Paris, as part of the Siemens stand dedicated to the convergence of the automobile and the Internet. It demonstrated how a mobile phone with WAP technology could be safely and harmoniously integrated in demonstrator vehicles from the PSA Peugeot Citroen group.

"As we cross the threshold from infotainment to multimedia in what will be standard automotive equipment by the beginning of the 2001 model year, Siemens has enhanced the functionality of existing driver information systems in key areas," explained Ron Knockeart, Siemens Automotive Vice President of Driver Information Systems. "By using the highly flexible and expandable standard operating system we have developed using NexWave technology, we have created the building blocks that will permit the software installed in the car to be expanded with standard applications and to be updated as new versions are released. This also will be a decisive advantage with regard to cost, since it will be possible to implement future modifications quickly and easily via software. Comparatively expensive reiterations in the hardware structure no longer will be necessary."

"Intelligent transport is a fast-evolving market," explains Daniel Acherman, Chief Operating Officer for NexWave. "Our clients need to build smart systems today to serve the needs of tomorrow. The NexWave components-based technology enables them to continually adapt to changes in the market without losing essential legacy development. Likewise, they also can rapidly develop new product lines using existing code."

The NexWave-based Siemens application showcased at Mondial de l'Automobile showed how GSM telephony could be used to display the services offered by Vivendi's Vizzavi WAP portal on a multi-functional screen in a car from PSA Peugeot Citroen.

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